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WARNING: Audio NOT Safe without Earphones!!! AUDIO PORN!

I dare YOU to play the audio as you read this post…hahaha…no, really…I do.

That awkward moment when you’re using your laptop across from your brother at the table and you’re playing a BLCD (aka the audio above in which I cut to the good part <3) with earphones on and it’s getting to the hot and heavy sex. You stand up and reach over to grab something but accidentally jerk the earphones off from your laptop with your left hand. For the first time in your life, you saw a moment happen in slow motion as your earphones somehow manages to fly 2-3 feet away on the ground and all you could do was just stare in disbelief as it happened. Oh, and the uke is going all whimpering and shit at this rate while the freakin’ volume just happens to be loud as fuck.

Oh my god!

You start making loud noises and going “Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!” to overcome the uke’s moans and the seme’s loud groans and thrusting as you dash to pick up your earphones and try to put the earphones back on like a ninja all the while praying that your brother ignores the sound coming from your laptop and pretend he didn’t hear anything. Oh, and you want to disappear and die from embarrassment as this is happening because you just fucking realized too damned late that you could have just stop the audio from playing and prevented any embarrassment from happening by clicking on the pause button on Windows Media Player, but your freaking brain went blank during the moment and you acted like a total idiot.


Upon plugging the earphone in, you hesitantly glance up and your brother quirks an eyebrow at you and say, “That sure was a loud GIRL. You watching some porn or something?

Me (please excuse the million thoughts in a second that I had in my mind): 0_o A GIRL??? Huh? What the? That was most definitely NOT a girl. What the hell were YOU listening to? Were we even listening to the same damned thing? Did you ears register the audio a pitch or two higher than mine did? How can you mistake the uke’s beautiful deeper than a girl’s moans as a girl’s? What’s wrong with you!? Don’t you understand the beauty of a man’s moans that sounds completely different from a girl’s? JFC! Don’t make me hit you, dumbass brother!


And then, my intelligence came back to me:

No…wait…I can use his misconception to do some damage control…

Me: “Yeeaah, I’m watching…err…an anime…that just happened to have, er, sex in it…go back to playing your game, dude. Pretend this never happened.

Brother: “You’re gonna get a virus, you know.

Me: “Haha…highly doubtful it’s an audio, after all.”


OMG. I nearly died from laughing so hard after the shock went by. XD I guess guys (aka my brother) who never heard another guy moan or whimper must not know how some guys could sound like during sex?? Or, maybe he just didn’t want to think that I was listening to guys having sex and pretended otherwise. lol That’s the only explanation I can think of for him to say that. The amazing thing is, the uke is the same voice actor as the seme, so good job, Daisuke-san! LMAO. I regret nothing!!!


Best awkward moment in a long while for me.

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